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Billedkunstner, Painter Born single balestrand Halden, Halden, death in München, Tyskland Thomas Fearnley died at the early age of 39, but left behind a rich legacy in art history. His large paintings such as The Labro Falls and The Grindelwald Glacier bring us closer to nature as he experienced it.

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Thomas Fearnley was born in Fredrikshald, today called Halden. When he was only five years old he was sent to Christiania today Oslo to live with his aunt and uncle. He later began studying at the Norwegian Military Academy, one of very few places in the country that offered instruction in drawing.

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However, he had trouble concentrating at school, and cut short his military education. His paintings hung alongside works by many of the most prominent names in Norwegian art history.

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Dahl was already well on his way to fame, and Johannes Flintoe and W. Carpelan showed motifs from their travels in Norway. Close to nature Opportunities in Norway at that time were too limited for an ambitious aspiring artist, so Fearnley pursued his art studies abroad.

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After single balestrand for several years at the Art Academy in Copenhagen, he moved to Stockholm, where he received several prestigious commissions from the Swedish royal family. But his interest in Norwegian nature never left him.

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In the summer of he went on his first study tour in Norway, to Telemark. Two years later a study tour took him to western Norway.

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At Ytre Kroken in Luster he met J. Dahl, who by then had become a professor in Dresden. Fearnley drew great inspiration from his encounter with Dahl and the trips they took together in the area.

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His drawings and oil studies grew freer and acquired a more single balestrand style. The European and the glacier Fearnley was a sociable man, and had a wide circle of colleagues, friends and supporters in the international art community.

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Together with a few of his fellow artists, Fearnley walked from Munich over the Alps to Italy in It was a cold and wet trip. One of the friends accompanying him, Danish painter Wilhelm Bendz, contracted pneumonia and died shortly after they arrived in Italy. Fearnley spent over two years in Italy.

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His drawings and oil studies show us how he became a master at rendering light and shadow. On his way home he discovered what would become one of his main motifs: the Upper Grindelwald Glacier in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. At that time the glacier descended all the way down to the village, and was easily accessible to tourists.

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As a result of climate change, the glacier has retreated at a rapid pace. Today we can only see a remnant of the mighty ice masses that Fearnley would have witnessed. A friend in need Thomas Fearnley is referred to as having a good disposition and a big heart.

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He was a hard worker, and had a promising career ahead of him when he died of typhoid fever in January He left behind a young widow and a nine-month-old son.