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History[ edit ] The first inhabitants are believed to have moved to Leksvik some 3, years ago. They left several pieces of cutting tools which are now placed in museums.

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But Leksvik does not appear in recorded history before the Viking Age when the villages Leksvik and Hindrem became quite important in the local area. In both Leksvik and Hindrem there have been found great tombs and ruins of buildings and longboats.

On Borgen, there is a hill between Hindrem and Seter that may have been a great Viking fortressbut this could also be tracks made by the glaciers during the last ice age. After the Black Death struck Norway inLeksvik fell into silence for some years.

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In more modern history, Leksvik and Hindrem are small and relatively isolated villages, north of Trondheim Fjord. Two churches stood here, a church in Leksvik and a stave church in Hindrem, but this broke down in and was dating norway i leksvik by a modern wooden church.

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In the 19th century, the church of Hindrem was demolished, and the new Stranda Church was built in Vanvikan. Leksvik became well known for its goats and had 5, of them at their peak number.

But as a small and isolated village, nothing of great importance happened there during the war, and it was mostly peaceful although bombs fell over Trondheimon the south side of the fjord.

History[ edit ] The earliest existing historical records of the church date back to the yearbut the church was likely built during the 12th century. The church was built on the Røstad farm in Leksvik, so historically it was known as Røstad Church. The original church was about 12 by 5 metres 39 ft × 16 ft with a 3-bymetre 9.

After electric power first came to Leksvik, Bjørn Lyng founded the first industry in Vanvikan and Leksvik. After the first road was finally finished in the early s, industry grew rapidly and replaced the goats.

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