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Glasspaper Oslo 5 dager 23 kr The web is developing at a high speed.

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This training shows you how to build modern, fast, flexible mobile and desktop web applications based on the latest technologies. How to have a normal website and also let it appear as a traditional application or native mobile application?

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Want to write apps that are powered by Web technologies and delivered with Web infrastructure? Welcome to Progressive Web Apps.

PWAs are secure and installable, can run offline and pris på singel i forsand display system notifications even when the app is not running. Accessibility and Video will be covered extensively. Basically this course will teach the most popular and successful web technologies in use today.

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Course will be updated regularly to keep up with the latests developments. Most notable: Variable declarations with let, var and const; Class syntax; Modules; Template strings; Arrow functions; Default parameters in functions; for.


The Grid allows for layouts that were previously impossible or could only be achieved with JavaScript. Narvik singel also surpasses Bootstrap in possibilities, flexibility and has a simpler markup.

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Flexible layouts depending on the screen capabilities are covered. HTML 5. HTML Forms input types and validation methods are covered.

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Both well known and the latests selectors, pseudo classes and pseudo elements are discussed as well as style attributes. Techniques to adjust to the screen size are responsive images as well as Web Fonts and flexible font sizes.

Progressive Web Apps Progressive Web Apps PWA is a set of technologies you can use to enhance a website with application behaviour: Installable: The website can be added to the home screen of the device. Web App Manifest: Defining the icon, home screen title, fet singel screen, background color and home page.

Offline and online behaviour: No matter if there is a network connection, the app will work using Service Workers to control requests and storing responses to requests offline using the Cache API, Web Storage or IndexedDB.

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Send updates from the server to the app with the Push API and use the Notification API to generate system notifications even if the app is not running. Safe: Only https or localhost for development.

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How to create subtitles and picture-in-picture video? Accessibility Explaining techniques to keep your designs accessible for the visual impaired. Performance Subjects: Compression and minification of images, scripts, css, etc. To inline or not to inline?

Async loading of scripts. How to measure performance?

Testing Browsers offer support to test on devices with different capabilities like screen sizes and connection speeds. Debugging Explaining how to use the developer tools in the browser: Setting breakpoints in code or when events happen Using the console Dynamically making changes for immediate feedback Debugging CSS specificity and computed styles.

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