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    Lunde møte single in retrospect and after having now completed Die Schneeschwester: Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte that would indeed have been both sad and very much a totally missed personal reading opportunity, as while there is definitely much realistic sadness and pain portrayed and featured in this novel, there is also oh so very much wisdom, gentleness and a heartfelt but never didactic authorial admonishment that even if a family is facing the grief of having lost a loved one and in this case main protagonist Julian's older sister Junisimply pushing that grief down and swallowing it will generally not have a very desirable and acceptable outcome.

    lunde møte single

    A sweet, a painful but also a wonderful imaginative albeit always still quite imbued with reality and actuality little tale is Die Schneeschwester: Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte, with Lisa Aisato's accompanying illustrations providing oppdal datingsider lovely but also never overpowering aesthetic mirror to and for Maja Lunde's and also by extension translator Paul Berf's presented narrative, their sweetly expressive and exquisite printed words.

    And although if truth be told, I do kind of find that ghost character Hedwig is perhaps sometimes a gamvik dating steder superimposed and tacked on for good measure, her presence in Die Schneeschwester: Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte has definitely also been a tenderly lovely, and perhaps even absolutely necessary addition as she indeed is the one who inspires her newly found "friend" Julian to confront his family about the upcoming Christmas celebrations that seem to have been deliberately ignored by especially the mother and father because of sister Lunde møte single death and that yes, the family as a unit also needs to talk about Juni, needs to look at pictures of Juni and realise and understand that even if Juni is now deceased, she is still and always will be a beloved and treasured member of the family and someone thus not lunde møte single to be ignored, even if remembering might be painful and tinged with sadness.

    lunde møte single

    Four shining and glowing stars for Die Schneeschwester: Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte and in my humble opinion highly recommended to and for both young and old, but yes, you might well require some Kleenex and with the necessary caveat that this novel only seems to at present appear in both Maja Lunde's original Norwegian and Paul Berf's German translation, and while I do hope that it might also be rendered into English in the hopefully not too distant future, at this time, no English language version of Maja Lunde's Snøsøsteren seems to exist.