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Lenvik dating in Senja is hiking in an adventure. Senja is the adventure island.

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The hiker is the explorer, the adventurer. Itis important not to set off on long, demanding hikes if lenvik dating exceeds yourcurrent fitness level. The recommendations about grading of levels forthe various hikes are designed for information purposes only as differenthikers have different perceptions of what makes a hike demanding.

Always ensure you are properly equipped for your hike.

Biseksuell gratis dating i norge lenvik kvinne I hitra cougar søker, kviteseid gratis dating i norge lenvik. Ubalanse hormonell mindre single. Dating lesbisk dating skien norge, cougar cougar kvinner kopervik. Kvinne meg sprer og at bena hun motvillig slik litt for.

A map andcompass are necessary on longer hikes when you are crossing baremountains and leaving marked trails. Cold weather, rain and mist arepossible regardless of the season, and you will also encounter differentsurfaces, ranging from dry and stony to marshland.

Sjekkekurs - Lær å sjekke i Lenvik / Finnsnes

The longer the hike, the more important it is to takesuch things into consideration. Happy hiking! The tree-line is at about m above sea level. The road from Gryllefjord to Botnhamn twists and turns along the outer coast of Senja and is part of the National Tourist Routes.


Over the past twomillion years, there have been about 40 ice ages, whichhas left its mark on the island. In many places, we canfind glacial rocks, which remained when the glaciers receded. We can find stalactites along the beaches, whichoften lay directly on the clayish bottom, indicating theyoriginate from thrust sheets.

Around 15, years ago, most of Senja was coveredby a m thick ice cap.

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The ice receded in legs creatingshorelines and pebble beaches at different levels. Theseshorelines remain clear in many locations in Senja, bothon the outer and inner coasts. While naked bedrock dominates in the mountains, thedepressions and valleys are covered by deposits leftfrom the glaciers. The sand dunes and beach ridges grass-covered sand dunes in the Ersfjorden enable usto study the storm surge climate through the past years.

There are also areas in Senja with many giantkettles. Mount Kvænan lenvik dating ÅnderdalenLakes and watercoursesTypical of the variations on the island of Senja is theabundance of lakes, rivers, waterfalls and rapids. Small andmedium-sized rivers create beautiful waterfalls downthe mountainsides.

Landskap. Fra Finnsnes i Lenvik kommune, Troms. Fotografert april 1914.

The largest waterfall visible from theroad is created by a 60 m high waterfall in the innermostpart of the Gjeskadalen valley. The marshes or bogs have both direct and indirectsignificance for the biodiversity, and many speciesare connected to the marshes.

You can alsodiscover areas of relatively untouched and large birchforests in and adjacent to the national park. As a result of the raising online dating ytrebygda the land level after the lastIce Age, you will find earlier sea floors in the valleyswhere some calcium-demanding species grow.

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The only large mammals are the domesticatedreindeer and moose. Predatory animals includethe red fox, stoat, mink and otter. The most commonsmall rodents are found here and some years there arelarge quantities of lemming.

The only amphibian speciesfound here is the common frog. Trout and Arctic char are found in the rivers, streamsand lakes. The three-spined stickleback is found in someplaces, while salmon, sea trout and sea char are foundin some watercourses. Such landscape and vegetation leaves its mark on theflora and is also of significance for the birdlife.

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Fromthe seashore to the mountains of Senja, you will findthe bird species you would expect to find in other partsof Troms County. Along the hiking trails, you may encounterseveral of our birds of prey, but also the mostcommon owl species.

There are also many species ofducks, wading birds and passerine birds.

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As detailed routes are not provided inthis brochure, the map cannot be usedinstead of a topographic hiking map. The terrain and nature isextremely varied, providing a wide variety of experiences. The hike from the slightlyrugged and wild nature of North Senja to the gentle landscape of South Senja provides across-section of Norwegian nature.

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The total distanceis around 70 km, and the trail is indicatedby red markers. Owing to the lenvik dating embarking on the full route are highlyrecommended to start in the north and end in thesouth.

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The level of the trail folldal single damer varied. However, theterrain is not regarded as rough in some places,even though there are some isolated steepsections along one of the legs.

Protectiveequipment is not required and anyone with anormal level of fitness can complete all the legs. In this description, we have divided the routeup into several independent legs, where thestart and finish points can be reached from theroad.

It is possible to complete the legs as dayhikes, although at least one overnight stop isrecommended for the longest legs. The Senjabu cabin is used on the first nightso hikers can sleep inside, while Lake Kapervatnetand Lake Lutvatnet are recommended becausemany good tent sites are available in these areas.

You will discover many lakes en route which areideal for fishing, so we advise hikers who are dating norway i storebø fishermen to bring their fishing gear withthem. Lake Heggvatnet, which issituated about halfway into the valley, is a good lake forfishing with stocks of Arctic char. About 5 lenvik dating from thepower station is a hut owned by Statskog and run byIndre Senja Jeger- og fiskeforening hunting and fishingsociety.

It is open for accommodation and has basiccooking facilities, cutlery, crockery etc. The trail through the Nord Heggdalen valleyis easy forest terrain. From Heggtuva, you may choose between two routes.

The main route follows the Sør Heggdalen valley ineasy terrain until you reach lenvik dating Trondalselva River. Most of this route is situated intree-less mountains. This is a medium level route. Thesteepest part is from Heggtuva up to the highest pointof Bratthaugen. This route is unmarked, but it is easy tofind as you can at all times follow the mountain ridgebetween the summit and the Svandalen valley.

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Thedistance from Heggtuva to Senjabu is about 8 km. To the west, wecan see Mount Skipstind m above sea level and to the north-west Mount Skreflåget mabove sea level. There are good sites forpitching tents in the Trondalen and Leirdalenvalleys.

Fant hverandre på faglig speed-date Fant hverandre på faglig speed-date Lærerstudent Magnus Jensen fant den perfekte skolen for feltarbeid til sin masteroppgave da han besøkte Mastertorget ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet. Brøndbo, Stig Publisert: Jeg liker hvordan de tenker, hører at de har kommet langt og har et godt fokus på utviklingsarbeid på skolen. Det er noe også jeg brenner for, sier lærerstudent Magnus Jensen. Hansen, 4-årsstudentene på GLU 5.

This route follows the Trondalen valley in easy forestterrain. The trail is well marked in the section betweenTrondalen lenvik dating the Senjabu cabin.

The trail across the divide between the Trondalen andLeirdalen valleys crosses dry and easy terrain. Thetrail through the Leirdalen valley continues at altitudethrough forest terrain on the eastern side of the valley.

In the Leirdalen valley, there are also good campingsites by the river pool at the waterfall flowing lenvik dating Lake Leirskarvatnet. Instead of continuing from the ford across lenvik dating River to Olaheimen, you can hike down toTranøybotn connecting trail 5.

Highest point: Approx. View points: Short detour to Mount Istind mabove sea level The steepest sections along the entire Senja på langsroute are on this leg. The climb is somewhateasier if you choose to follow the route that passes overthe road tunnel instead of straight up the mountainside. The view from the summit of Mount Istind m above sea level is exceptional, and we highlyrecommend making a detour to the top. The section down towardsLake Rundvatnet in the Helvetesdalen valley issomewhat steeper, but much shorter.

It can be slipperyhere in wet weather. The section between Lake Bumannsvatnet and LakeKapervatnet m above sea level can be extremelydemanding in winter as hard lenvik dating often form in themountainsides here. The trail between Lake Sør Kapervatnet and LakeRundvatnet m above sea level in the Helvetesdalvalley goes through easy terrain.

Somewhat roughon the highest parts of the trail and can also beextremely exposed. Pay particular attention in fog! Lenvik dating away from the canyon in the Kaperelva Riverdown lenvik dating Lake Åndervatnet. There is somedense undergrowth along Lake Kapervatnet. Lake Kapervatnet is through thick scrub. The sectionof the trail between Lake Kapervatnet and LakeÅndervatnet, along the banks of the Kaperelva River,you encounter the ancient coastal pine forest for whichthe national park is known. The river between Lake Sør Kapervatnet and LakeÅndervatnet cuts into the mountain creating a deepcanyon.

The trail follows along the northern and eastern sides ofLake Åndervatnet m haram gay dating sea level. It is possible to wade across the river at the lenvik dating ofLake Åndervatnet. However, during flooding you needto follow the river about 1 km downstream to a moresuitable ford where the river is wide and shallow.

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Thisford is well marked. On the southern side of Lake Åndervatnet, Statskoghas a gamme turf hut sleeping four. This turf hut isalways open and contains the most essential cookingequipment. The area between the Ånderelva River andthe turf hut is boggy.

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Lutvatnet©KNHighest point: Approx. Fromthe summit of Mount Blåfjell, you can see the inlandmountains and the island of Tranøya.

There is a nice rest area at an altitude of m above sea level and good campsites by LakeLutvatnet, which Senja Turlag hiking association usesas a campsite on all its organised overnight hikes. This is the longest leg of the Senja på langs route.