Hofslund Fjord Hotel, Norway/Western Norway

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August [ edit ] An outbreak of coronavirus on the MS Roald Amundsen ship infected at least 5 passengers and 36 crew.

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Health authorities fear the ship could have infected dozens of towns and villages along Norway's western coast. There were guests on the first voyage and guests on the second voyage. All crew members on MS Roald Amundsen have been tested and were negative.

The municipality of Tromsø is urging anyone who traveled on the ship or had any contact with the ship to get in touch with health authorities. A German cruise ship hermansverk dating norway week set sail from Hamburg, testing procedures for how cruise ships can operate safely during the pandemic.

According to airport employees, many passengers left the airport without getting tested first.

hermansverk dating norway

Prevention measures and response[ edit ] The Norwegian Directorate of Health introduced a number of measures from Thursday 12 March [38] All educational institutions were closed and organized sports activities were to be discontinued. A number of hermansverk dating norway and businesses were closed, including cultural events, sports events, gyms and swimming pools.

All establishments in the hospitality industry such as bars, pubs and clubs other than those serving food were to close, and any establishment serving food would have to ensure that visitors could stay at least 1 meter apart.

Healthcare professionals working with patient care were prohibited from traveling abroad until 20 April The ban applied to both business travel and private travel.

Hofslund Fjord Hotel, Norway/Western Norway

Everyone who had returned from trips outside Sweden and Finland since 27 February were to quarantine, regardless of whether they showed symptoms or not. Leisure travel was strongly discouraged.

hermansverk dating norway

The Directorate discouraged travelling to work unless strictly necessary and encouraged avoiding public transport if possible, as well as avoiding crowded places. People were requested not to visit others in institutions with vulnerable groups the elderly, psychiatry, prison etc. The public transport schedule was to run as normal, to ensure that people with critical social functions could get to and from work and be able to distance themselves from each other.

hermansverk dating norway

On 16 March, non-residents were banned from entering Norway. People suspected or confirmed to be infected must follow stricter home isolation rules.

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The government established fines for people violating home quarantine and home isolation rules or organizing events. Norges Bank first cut the national prime rate by a half point to 1.

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All of the Parts of this article those related to 23 deaths need to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

hermansverk dating norway

April with potential links to the vaccine reported as of the 14th January occurred among severely frail elderly people with serious diseases. However, a causality to vaccination could not have been linked.

hermansverk dating norway

It is possible that common side effects aggravated pre-existing conditions in some patients, but so far no statistical analyses showed an increase in the death rate of vaccinated people. Norway is also closely monitoring side effects, with both reports from healthcare professionals and the public being registered in a common database. This should allow for a good overview of the situation once the vaccine is distributed in the general population, as well as an efficient collaboration with other countries.

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