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While the war remained in the area Soviet air attacks continued on the air base.

All parts of the whale could be used, but the blubber was especially important. The oil that was extracted, could be used as fuel, lubrication and for lighting. The blubber was cut from the whales with knives like the one leaning on the jawbone in the exhibition. This bone is most probably of a Fin whale, the second in size of all whales.

These were used vardø single part of the defense of German ship traffic around Varangerhalvøya. The original wooden runway was 1, by 90 meters 3, by ft.

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The airport was renovated; a terminal was built consisting of two simple barracks, one used as a passenger terminal and the other as a tower, consisting of a glass addition on the roof. The 1,bymeter 3, by ft gravel runway received portable runway lights.

Vardø was mentioned as one of five villages in Finnmark which the airline hoped to open with simple airfields which could serve air taxi and air ambulance flights.

Jan Vardøen Jan Vardøens whisky-vinnere I Norge er det én mann som kan sin whisky bedre enn de fleste. Vi har slått av en prat med bar-gründeren Jan Vardøen. Noen foretrekker den rå og brutal, som en tilårskommen Lagavulin, mens andre vil ha den rundt og myk i kantene.

It considered seven locations in Finnmark, including Vardø and recommended in its report that planning continue. Simultaneously the Ministry of Transport and Communications was working on a plan for larger short take-off and landing airports.

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It decided that such airports will first be built in Helgelandthen Lofoten and Vesterålen and finally in Troms and Finnmark. The investments cost NOK The latter was also responsible for covering the operating deficit. The first two months Norving continued its taxi route service to the airport, but from 1 June a regular concession scheduled service was introduced.

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Widerøe took over the services in At first the airport was served using Twin Otters, but from the mids the Dash 8 was introduced. In there was political support in Stortinget to close it if the road was upgraded, [17] but neither happened.

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  • Norge Den siste utposten på Varanger — Vardøhus festning i Vardø Noen ting er bare der, ideelt sett skal de ikke brukes.
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In Avinor stated that closing Vardø would give least passenger trouble related to the financial support in the country, but that no decision on it would be made before vardø single Vardø has no room for extension.

The passenger terminal has a capacity for thirty passengers per hour. Taxis are available at the airport.

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The routes are operated on public service obligation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications.