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The year outcome of 62 adult patients with longstanding eating disorders—A prospective study. International Journal of Eating Disorders.

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ISSN It's pris på singel i modum therapist and the treatment: The structure of common therapeutic relationship factors. Psychotherapy Research.

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Journal of Eating Disorders. Is physical exercise and dietary therapy a feasible alternative to cognitive behavior therapy in treatment of eating disorders?

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A randomized controlled trial of two group therapies. Replications are needed by independent research groups as well as in more clinical settings.

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Nordic Psychology. Journal of Counseling Psychology.

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Exercise obsession and compulsion in adults with longstanding eating disorders: Validation of the Norwegian version of the compulsive exercise test. Frontiers in Psychology.

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Vis sammendrag Objectives: The objectives of this study were to 1 validate the Norwegian version of the Compulsive Exercise Test CET in adults with longstanding eating disorders, and 2 explore predictors of high CET-score.

The confirmatory factor analysis showed adequate fit. The understanding of compulsive exercise must to a greater extent differ between obsessions and compulsions, as a significant number of patients with high CET score showed no or little exercise behavior. The modum-ED trial protocol: Comparing compassion-focused therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy in treatment of eating disorders with and without childhood trauma: Protocol of a randomized trial.

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An investigation of the process of change in psychopathology and exercise during inpatient treatment for adults with longstanding eating disorders. Vis sammendrag Background: Excessive exercise is recognized as a predictor of poor outcome in eating disorders. However, little is known about how excessive exercise might affect the treatment process.

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The aim of this study was to describe process of weekly changes in eating disorder psychopathology, general pris på singel i modum and exercise, and the possible interactive effects of excessive exercise on these changes during inpatient treatment of longstanding eating disorders. Methods: Eighty-four patients meeting the DSM-IV criteria for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, or Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified received inpatient cognitive-behavioural therapy including, physical activity and nutritional counselling treatment over 12 weeks.

Excessive exercisers received one additional session of individual counseling with the clinical exercise gjerstad dating site. The study used repeated measurements during treatment and collected measures of eating disorders: psychopathology EDE-Qgeneral psychopathology SCL-5and frequencies of exercise and body mass index BMI. Results: Both eating disorders and general psychopathology were reduced from admission to discharge in excessive exercisers and non-exercisers.

There was an overall interaction effect between time week and excessive exercise for the process of exercise and eating disorders psychopathology reduction. This interaction effect was also found in week 10 vs 11 regarding general psychopathology.

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The excessive exercisers showed steep reduction at first, followed by a smaller increase towards the end of treatment in both eating disorder and general psychopathology; this pattern was not found among the non-exercisers. Conclusion: The process of change in exercise and psychopathology during inpatient treatment of longstanding eating disorders differs across excessive and non-excessive exercisers. Although excessive exercisers were given special attention for their exercise cognition and behavior during treatment, it is apparent that this part of treatment must be further developed.

Effect of yoga in the treatment of eating disorders: A single-blinded randomized controlled trial with 6-months follow-up.

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International Journal of Yoga. Treatment effects on compulsive exercise and physical activity in eating disorders. The compulsive desire for PA complicates a favourable treatment outcome; hence, regular, adapted PA led by personnel with competence in exercise science is rarely part of treatment of BN and BED.

The present study compared cognitive behaviour therapy CBT with a new treatment combining physical exercise and dietary therapy PED-t with respect to the short- and long-term changes in the level of compulsive exercise and actual level of PA in women with BN or BED.

Participants were randomised to PED-t or CBT, while waitlist participants served as a control group during the treatment period. The treatment covered 16 weeks, with 6- and 12 months follow-up, and outcomes included self-reported compulsive exercise CE and objectively measured PA, analysed by linear mixed regression models.

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