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    It surrounds the innermost part of the Romarheimsfjorden which is also called the Mofjorden and the Modalen dating valley which extends eastwards from the end of the fjord.

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    Both sides of the valley are mountainous, so the municipality is quite isolated with only two roads connecting it to the outside world.

    Both roads were constructed fairly recently, before that time, the municipality was only accessible by boat or crossing mountains on foot.

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    The Modalen Tunnel was built in and it connects this valley to the Eksingedalen valley to the south. The other road was finished inand it follows the fjord heading west to Lindås. The Modalen valley centers around the river Moelva.

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    The lake Steinslandsvatnetin the central part of the municipality, is the headwaters of the river. The high mountains that surround the valley provide many sources of hydroelectric power such as the lake Skjerjavatnet.

    Modalen borders the municipality of Høyanger to the north and the municipality of Vik to the east, Vaksdal to the south, and Alver and Masfjorden to the west.

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