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Our service office is open every day: kl We steinkjer single help you with information about most services and guide you to the right department. Post address: Steinkjer kommune, postboksSteinkjer. Welcome to Steinkjer Welcome to this vibrant city surrounded by a dynamic rural community! Steinkjer has been cited as one of the best reconstructed cities in Norway. Set in amongst contemporary architecture you will find cafes, small specialty shops and a large shopping center.

In the city center, you will also find the Dampsaga Cultural Center Dampsaga Kulturhuscinema, theater and swimming pools. Guldbergaunet Sports Park is located nearby. The surrounding countryside and small villages are full of impressive history and magnificent cultural landscape.

Over the years, Steinkjer has also fostered many famous and forward thinking women.

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After Steinkjer was bombed and steinkjer single in ruins during the invasion inthe city was rebuilt in contemporary style. Today, Steinkjer is considered lillestrøm single klubb one of the best-preserved reconstructed cities in Norway and is recognized as a thriving place with festivals, café life, small shops and a large downtown center.

Active and optimistic farmers make the municipality kommune a model for Norwegian agriculture.

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Want to know more about Steinkjer? Steinkjer Facts The city was founded in People have lived in the area for about years The population is approximately 22, The area is ,2 km2 Mayor: Bjørn Arild Gram Sp - Senterpartiet Steinkjer is the county capital. Here you will find offices for the police and court authorities as well as the county governor in Nord-Trøndelag, regional government offices fylkeskommuneand northern university.

If you are thinking about starting your own company, the Steinkjer Næringsselskap business support, information and advice can help you. Some significant distances: 88 kilometers from the airport kilometers from Trondheim kilometers from Østersund in Sweden kilometers from Bodø Want more information about the business sector in Steinkjer? Check out business support websites: www. Health centers are open for anyone who needs assistance from health personnel.

The municipality kommune wants Steinkjer to be a good place steinkjer single raise children. With different needs, families can contact Familiens hus in City Hall Rådhuset where you meet representatives from psycho-and-occupational therapy for children and adolescent, family planning team, health centers, child welfare, PPT Pedagogisk Psychologic Tjeneste and midwife.

When the time comes to reserve a place in a preschool childcare center barnehagethere are plenty of possibilities available around the municipality kommune. Steinkjer has full preschool childcare center barnehage coverage, though it will maybe have some time waiting for those who wish to apply outside enrollment in March.

There is a wide range of educational services and schools in most of the rural centers. In Steinkjer, there is a special focus on reading development. School staff works systematically along with the students and their parents to develop the students reading skills. There are also many activities for children in Steinkjer steinkjer single free time. A huge selection of activities in the library bibliotekmovie theater and culture center.

The Culture School offers various courses. In addition, they also offer private lesson for music and dancing. Dampasaga Bad is a popular facility with several swimming pools suitable for all ages.

Children who likes sports and outdoor activities have the opportunity to find what suits their interest. Egge Museum offers exciting activities for the family throughout summer and winter. Want to read more about schools and kindergartens in Steinkjer? HUZE have several rooms available to explore and to engage in various cultural stavanger singeltreff like music, theater, dance or video production… it's up to you!

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HUZE rents a wide range of equipment for home use, steinkjer single festivals or events around the area. Music, films and internet access, as well as books and magazines are available at the library biblioteket. Would you like to improve your music or dance skills? Then sign up for a class at the Culture School.

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Are you more interested in sports? You will most likely find sports facilities, a band, a choir or a theater group in the community where you live.

steinkjer single

Swimming is available at the Dampsaga bad, Bystranda city beach or at the nearby beaches along the fjord. The two secondary schools ungdomskoler in the municipality kommune draw students from local elementary schools. The private Steinkjer Montessori has both elementary and secondary school grades.

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Steinkjer high school videregående skole and the agricultural high school landbruksskolen in Mære offer a variety of courses.

Each school has a school health service skolehelsetjeneste. The health station for youth is located at the municipality hall Rådhusetand is open for a couple of afternoons in a week. Want to know more about what's happening around Community Service Building Samfunnshuset? Check out ungdomstjenesten Seniors in Steinkjer Steinkjer has many opportunities to offer for retired adults and seniors.

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This includes hiking opportunities in the surrounding area. There are group and club activities as well as regularly scheduled events like senior movies and steinkjer single quiz at the culture house.

There is a large activity center in Steinkjer as well as in the villages with many different courses. Resource center for seniors offer group trainings and other activities for over 65 years old. If you need help in daily tasks, the municipality kommune has various offers.

Contact forvaltningskontoret housing and allocating office to know what is available to meet your specific needs and applicable regulations. The municipality kommune has three nursing homes, several senior care centers, care facilities, homes for those with special needs and DMS Distrikts Medical Center.

Customer survey shows that residents have been very satisfied with the services offered by the municipality kommune.

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These services includes home care, home medical care, user-controlled personal assistant, a long-time and short-term stays in nursing homes, short stays at senior centers, relief stays and sheltered. You can contact a physiotherapist and occupational therapists through the Rehabilitation Center. They offer day and short-term stays for those who need it. Housing and allocation office: telephone 74 16 90 00, tildelingskontoret steinkjer.

Check out omsorg. In Steinkjer, you steinkjer single experience both! That means the water supply adheres to international environmental and quality standards — which ensures clean and safe drinking water. The waste management also has quality and environmental friendly sanitation systems with ISO certification, which shows that Steinkjer takes the environment seriously. In municipal recycling center, you can deliver most types of waste from household, where most of the waste is recycled.

Clean and sorted fractions can be disposed at no charge. For mixed fractions, there are other process schemes. In Raubua on Trana Marka, you can deliver usable things that others can use further.

Here it is possible to steinkjer single a steinkjer single of everything at a low price, such as kitchen and garden equipment, furniture, books and various other equipment. Want to know more about waste management in Steinkjer? Check out renovasjon Healthy Lifestyle and Good Health When you need assistance from a doctor, you can get immediate service in Steinkjer.

steinkjer single

The municipality kommune has good medical coverage and the waiting period for your family doctor is rarely long. If you need immediate help or need help outside regular office hours, you can contact the Emergency medical hotline legevakt or hour service at If you need someone to talk, the municipality's kommunes psychiatric nurses through NAV can be of help.

It is also not far to the nearest hospital. The county's two hospitals, Namsos and Levanger are both within an hour drive from Steinkjer center. To ensure coordination of rehabilitation, the municipality kommune has established coordinating unit in steinkjer single with the interaction reform intentions.

More information is found at municipality's kommunes website. The municipality wants to facilitate a better health for the people of Steinkjer through prevention and health promotion measures in all areas.

Teams and organizations are contributing to great steinkjer single in local communities, and there are several affordable low threshold activities.

steinkjer single

Follow it over at the municipality's kommune website. Steinkjer is a bicycle steinkjer single. So why not get to know the attractions by bike? A drawn map with 10 nice places for cycling in Steinkjer and the region nearby are available to explore. Want more information about the municipal health services? Check out helse. Leisure in Steinkjer Steinkjer municipality kommune has a natural beauty that goes from fjord an inland saltwater sea to fjell mountain.

So it is easy to find your way to swimming places, hiking and ski trails, spots to pick Molte Cloudberries and forests steinkjer single of mushrooms. Almost everywhere you go in nature, you will discover a link to cultural history i.

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Just keep your eyes open! If you want to participate in organized recreational activities, you can choose from many options. There are many active choirs, bands, good theater, dance groups and various humanitarian organizations.

The municipality kommune has a well-developed library bibliotek. In addition, you steinkjer single visit Dampsaga Cultural Center that houses a cinema, theater and performing arts and Dampsaga Swimming Complex, which houses a swimming pool, saunas and a fitness center.

There are also several fitness centers in the city. Are you interested in art? You can join both male club and art society. Take a walk around the center and you will notice the nuances of this reconstructed city and a variety of sculptures. Steinkjer is also a festival city. While in July, the Viking Festival is arranged for both young and adult.

Moreover, highlighting the traditional music as part of the Hilmar Alexandersen Folkmusic Festival in November. Here you can find good and affordable with either existing housing units or residential plots to steinkjer single on. In the recent years, pris på singel i gjerstad housing units were built.

Mostly are apartments however, single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums are also available. Steinkjer is a large extensive municipality kommune with many smaller community centers in nearby villages. The municipality kommune is also open for building housing in steinkjer single districts. Steinkjer center is facilitated for compact construction. There is also a various offer of land in housing estates. Do you wish to stay in the center?