Nesbyen single speed

October My wife and I chose to stay in Nesbyen in order to break up the train ride from Bergen to Oslo.

Et slags oppgjør med den konsumdrevne ideologien som hadde etablert seg i en sport som i utgangspunktet oppstod som nettopp en motbevegelse. Singlespeed ble bevegelsen kalt, og bransjen gråt da den ble født.

Ivar, the hotelier, went above and beyond the call of duty to make our stay pleasant and very memorable. It just so happened that the night we stayed in Nesbyen, the local church had a live concert with a great Norwegian band that specialized in Elvis' gospel songs.

nesbyen single speed

Ivar was gracious enough to not only pick us up at the train station, but also to let us know that the concert was that night and that we should get tickets as soon as possible. Long story short, we hesitated to get tickets As we sat in a local restaurant enjoying our supper, the skreia dating site came to our table and said that Ivar is on the phone and that if we wanted to attend the concert, he has pulled some strings to get us tickets.

nesbyen single speed

So we walked to the church, purchased our tickets and were graciously seated in the front pew "reserved" section. The concert was amazing!

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We felt like royalty in this cute little village. The next morning Ivar whipped up a very nice full breakfast for the 3 guests in his hotel.

nesbyen single speed

He also drove us back down to the train station and made sure that we got onto the correct train car. The Thoen Hotel is an old building with extremely clean rooms and bathrooms.

Beds were nesbyen single speed comfy too.

nesbyen single speed

Ivar is a great guy and we loved his hotel.